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CyberNow Labs Is Now Part of National Cyber Group LLC

On June 8, 2022, at the RSA Conference in San Francisco, California, the launch of a joint effort to solve the cybersecurity workforce gap was announced.

National Cyber Group (NCG) has formed to take the high road to engineer a national workforce accelerator that is affordable, accessible, and outcome-oriented.

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Combining the forces of America’s most-known name in foundational IT certification training, Total Seminars, and the disruptive, hands-on cyber training program, CyberNow Labs, these organizations, together with new job placement and staffing solutions provided by National Cyber Group, offer a unique formula for cybersecurity workforce development, a critical enabler to address America’s current 2-million-person cyber talent deficit.

Unlimited Possibilities
Create awesome and great looking websites.

CyberNow Labs – now a National Cyber Group Company – was founded in 2018 by two pioneers in real-world cybersecurity training who believed the key was to train like a Security Operations Center (SOC) analyst in order to become one.

Leveraging combined backgrounds as SOC executives in organizations such as BlackKite, MasterCard, and Capital One, CyberNow Labs co-founders Omer Arslan (left) and Hasan Eksi (right) have helped over 1,000 people to date from all walks of life graduate and transform their lives.

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Our Unique Approach to Immersive Cybersecurity Training

Real Technologies
Real Networks
Real Attacks

Our 20-week immersion program sets up our Academy Graduates for success because they work in an enterprise-grade SOC with real technologies, real networks, and real attacks to hit the ground running day one on the job. Plus, they obtain their Security+ certification as part of our end-to-end training and career services program.

We are the cybersecurity “un”bootcamp solution to do more than pass a certification test and faster and more cost-effective than a 4-year theory degree in order to accelerate addressing the critical need of prepared cybersecurity talent. And we truly do care about people’s success. If they work the plan, they will be working as a cybersecurity analyst when graduating our Academy.

At any given time, we as many as 350 students in our cohorts, and growing bigger by the month. We set a target that in three years, we’d like to graduate 10,000 prepared cyber analysts who can hit the ground running on day one. That is our mission.

%95 of our trainees do not have any IT experience. All we ask is dedication, hard-work and patience.

Our Approach to Cybersecurity Training

We have developed a phased program that starts with teaching the fundamentals of Cybersecurity, followed by a hands-on Security Operations Center (SOC) analyst immersion course that exposes students to real life incidents/problems that SecOps teams deal with on a daily basis. After the trainees develop strong technical skills, we partner them with practitioner mentors that guide them through the interviewing and job search process.

Reviews 4.9

Course Report Avg.Rating: 4.88 (50 Reviews)
Google: 4.9 (69 Reviews)

46+% Women

46+% Women in Our UNBootcamp Cohorts

1,500 + Graduates

So far 1,500 + happy graduates from different backgrounds.

10,000+ Class

10,000 + given hours of class in-class and online.

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High Salary
Respected Career
Job Security