Frequently Asked Questions

The coronavirus pandemic has forced what many thought would never happen: online courses extensively replacing traditional programs. While we accordingly moved our classes to teach entirely online, we employ a student-friendly approach that avoids losing the student engagement and strengthens student-teacher interaction. By effectively using teaching techniques and available online platforms, our lecturers delivers engaging lessons while achieving meaningful interactions among the teaching team and students. You will comfortably be able to interact, ask questions and contribute in groups, much more often than you can do in large lecture theatres.

We offer you several payment options which perfectly fit you. Please feel free to contact our team to learn more about our tuition fee and our payment policy.

Yes, please bring your own laptop to class. The laptop can be a Windows or Mac system. Their features should be at least 8GB Ram, i5.

Once you sign up from the website, an admissions counselor will contact you by email to schedule a call. Before you are admitted, we’ll sit down for an informal discussion on what motivates you, education background, work experience and general awareness in the IT field. From our experiences, we found many students who didn’t have any core programming skills to be able to learn and transition into professionals in the field

Our classes take place on evenings on weekdays and daytimes on the weekends. The curriculum is designed to be part-time so that it does not interfere with anyone’s day-time commitments. During the end of the course, however, we ask students to dedicate additional time to reviewing coursework and project assignments

There is no minimum age requirement for the course.

We’ve had students over 40 in the past and they’ve succeeded in learning web development or data science and staring new careers like anyone else. Age doesn’t make any differences in the recruitment process to get onboard, the only thing we consider is your commitment and your motivation.

No, we do not provide accomodation or catering. The price of the course only includes the tuition - and unlimited tea, coffee, fruits.

Many companies share their job offers with our alumni. However, recruitment is a long-term relationship and as such we would love to connect with you first!